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THANK YOU so much for all support that I was given in the municipal election. Now it is time to support SFP / RKP for the regional government election, October 28th, 2018.


Who is Byoma?

I grew up in Nepal. However, I have lived in Finland for the past 27 years. During these years, I have been very active in voicing immigrants related integration issues in the Finnish political arena as the Chairperson for Multicultural Finland Organization, which was established by RKP, Ruotsalainen kansanpuolue. I firmly believe that diversity adds richness and prosperity to any society and as such, I am committed to promoting diversity and the integration of immigrants at all levels of Finnish society. I truly believe that there can be UNITY in DIVERSITY.


Gender: Female
Education: Master of Social Sciences (University of Helsinki) and MBA (Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences)
Marital status: Married with one child
Work: 32 years of professional experience in business and academic sectors, both in Nepal and Finland
Hobbies: Skiing, jogging, exercising, traveling and reading

My beliefs

Immigration has been an extremely hot debate topic in Finland in recent years and there are many conflicting and contradictory views about it. However, one cannot argue with the fact that Finland needs immigration to keep up with its declining native population. Finland, I believe, would also benefit greatly from diversity. Diverse people and perspectives would promote creativity, versatility and make the society more competitive. In order to benefit from such diversity, proper integration of immigrants into the Finnish society will be critical. We need to invest in creating platforms and processes that provide and promote equal opportunities, equal participation and equal accessibility for all citizens of our society regardless of race, gender, nationalities, religion, culture, beliefs etc.

My goals

I will strive to promote equal opportunities in job markets. To achieve this, I’d focus on non-discriminatory recruiting processes, interviewing processes, merit based career advancement, and training and skill development for immigrants.

I will fight for significant immigrant representation in decision making roles in order to ensure the issues that affect their lives get a voice at decision-making levels.

I will strive to improve equal accessibility to municipality housing facilities as the immigrant population has faced hardship in accessing affordable housing facilities in recent years.